Language for Description of Worlds. Part 1: Theoretical Foundation


  • Dimiter Dobrev Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria



Artificial General Intelligence, Language for description of worlds, Event-Driven Model, Definition of Algorithm


We will reduce the task of creating AI to the task of finding an appropriate language for description of the world. This will not be a programing language because programing languages describe only computable functions, while our language will describe a somewhat broader class of functions. Another specificity of this language will be that the description will consist of separate modules. This will enable us look for the description of the world automatically such that we discover it module after module. Our approach to the creation of this new language will be to start with a particular world and write the description of that particular world. The point is that the language which can describe this particular world will be appropriate for describing any world. This is the first part of the paper. In this part we will define the basic theoretical concepts which will we will need when creating the language we are looking for.