About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Serdica Journal of Computing publishes original research and review articles in all major areas of computing. The journal is a valuable scientific forum, especially for senior and young researchers, and doctoral candidates in computer science, information and communication technology, knowledge processing technology and innovative applications of science. It offers high-impact articles by authors from Bulgaria and abroad. An essential journal goal is to popularise the scientific achievements of young researchers beginning a career in the domain of computer science.

The journal is a partner publication of Serdica Mathematical Journal and aims for the same high professional standard. To this end, the editorial board includes eminent experts on a wide range of theoretical and practical areas of computer science and related fields. Among the members of the editorial board are professors at prestigious universities such as the University of Tel Aviv, the University of Maryland (USA), the Institute of Computing Research and Alfred Rényi Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the State University of Columbia, Kettering University (USA), and others. This ensures that all papers published in Serdica Journal of Computing are of the highest international standard and in line with the developments and achievements in various aspects of computing worldwide.

The manuscripts should contain only unpublished data in the respective scientific field. They can further be expanded to be published elsewhere.

The journal is published both electronically and in printed form.

Journal History

Serdica Journal of Computing is founded in 2007 by Academician Stefan Dodunekov, who was also the first Editor-in-Chief in the period 2007-2012.

Long-time editors are Prof. Petar Stanchev, Prof. Avram Eskenazi and Prof. Radoslav Pavlov, under whose management have been achieved the highest standard in papers selection and publication, as well as a wide range of presented scientific achievements.

Serdica Journal of Computing has published 54 issues, total of 317 articles, with 440 unique authors.

Publication Frequency

The journal publishes two issues annually (July and December). For every issue a continuous publishing mode is followed. Articles are published as soon as they are ready and added to the current issue's Table of Contents.

Hard copies are printed when an issue is complete.

Peer Review Process

All manuscripts are subject to peer review and copy editing.

Research articles are reviewed independently by at least two reviewers. Third reviewer is appointed when (i) the expertise of the two reviewers does not fully cover the areas substantially involved in the paper, or (ii) when the two reviewers make significantly different recommendations.

Leading experts from the country and abroad are invited for reviewers.

Screening for plagiarism

All submissions are checked for plagiarism using Plagiat.pl before they undergo the peer-review process.

Open Access Policy

Serdica Journal of Computing is an open access journal. All published articles are immediately available online. Since 2022 the respective DOI link is activated. All articles can be accessed for free and no reader registration of any sort is required. No fees are charged to authors for article submission or processing. Online publications are funded through volunteer work, donations and grants.

Hard copies can be purchased at 50 EURO per issue.

The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences contributes non-monetarily through administrative support and infrastructure provision.


Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


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