Correlation Between Storage Device and Backup and Restore Efficiency in MS SQL Server


  • Ivan Kuyumdzhiev Department of Informatics, University of Economics, Varna, Bulgaria
  • Radka Nacheva Department of Informatics, University of Economics, Varna, Bulgaria



Backup and Restore Performance, Storage Media, Databases Performance Tests, MS SQL Server


The importance of the process of restoring a database requires precise examination of all factors that affect it. Considering the decline of the price of SSD and its better read and write speeds, it seems that this is the logical choice when reducing downtime is a primary concern for the organization. This paper categorizes storage devices in use as well as main backup types in MS SQL Server. Tests are conducted to evaluate the impact of the storage device on backup and restore efficiency. In this regard, the purpose of the research is to examine problems associated with selection of a storage device for efficient backup and restore in MS SQL Server. The conducted tests showed some surprising results regarding SSD's efficiency. The reason these findings are important is that they could be used as a guideline for choosing proper storage device for an organization's needs.