Quality of Service System Approximation in IP Networks


  • Rossitza Goleva
  • Mariya Goleva
  • Dimitar Atamian
  • Tashko Nikolov
  • Kostadin Golev


Packet Network, IP, Quality of Service, VoIP, Shaping


This paper presents Quality of Service analyses in wired and wireless IP networks based on the three popular techniques – RSVP, IntServ, and DiffServ. The analyses are based on a quick approximation schema of the traffic system with static and dynamic changes of the system bounds. We offer a simulation approach where a typical leaky bucket model is ap- proximated with a G/D/1/k traffic system with flexible bounds in waiting time, loss and priority. The approach is applied for two cascaded leaky buckets. The derived traffic system is programmed in C++. The simula- tion model is flexible to the dynamic traffic changes and priorities. Student criterion is applied in the simulation program to prove results. The results of the simulation demonstrate the viability of the proposed solution and its applicability for fast system reconfiguration in dynamic environmental circumstances. The simulated services cover a typical range of types of traffic sources like VoIP, LAN emulation and transaction exchange.