Volume 11, Number 1, 2017

Financially supported by the National Science Fund at the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria

Table of Contents


Serdica Journal of Computing : The First Ten Years
Ivan Derzhanski, Olena Siruk 1-8
Global Asymptotic Stability of a Functional Differential Model with Time Delay of an Anaerobic Biodegradation Process
Milen Borisov, Neli Dimitrova, Mikhail Krastanov 9-29
Strategic Trade Between Two Countries—Exploring the Case of Partial Local Consumer Protection
Iordan Iordanov, Andrey Vassilev 31-43
Fast Bitwise Implementation of the Algebraic Normal Form Transform
Valentin Bakoev 45-57
Manipulation by Merging and Annexation in Weighted Voting Games
Zdravko Slavov, Christina Evans 59-72

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