Manageable Workflows for Processing Parallel Sequencing Data

Milko Krachunov, Ognyan Kulev, Valeriya Simeonova, Maria Nisheva, Dimitar Vassilev


Data analysis after parallel sequencing is a process that uses combinations of software tools that is often subject to experimentation and on-the-fly substitution, with the necessary file conversion. This article presents a developing system for creating and managing workflows aiding the tasks one encounters after parallel sequences, particularly in the area of metagenomics. The semantics, description language and software implementation aim to allow the creation of flexible, configurable workflows that are suitable for sharing and are easy to manipulate through software or by hand. The execution system design provides user-defined operations and interchangeability between an operation and a workflow. This allows significant extensibility, which can be further complemented with distributed computing and remote management interfaces.


Next-Generation Sequencing; Metagenomics; Workflow Design; Data Analysis; YAML;

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