Potsdam Library of Astronomical Photographic Plates

Katya Tsvetkova, Milcho Tsvetkov, Nikolay Kirov, Petra Boehm, Matthias Steinmetz, Rainer Arlt, Harry Enke, Regina von Berlepsch


We present the Potsdam photographic plate library at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam. It includes plate archives, data from plate index catalogues and extracts from astronomical logbooks, as well as digitized plate images and interfaces for accessing all the available information. The plate index catalogues and the digitized images of the Potsdam astronomical photographic plates are prepared according to the standards of the Wide-Field Plate Database and German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory. The high-resolution digitization of the plates (in standardized FITS file format), the low-resolution plate previews (in TIFF and JPEG file format), as well as suitable digitization of the catalogues, logbooks, and relevant scientific research papers (in JPEG and TIFF) are made using commercial flatbed scanners.


Astronomical Photographic Plates; Plate Library; Astroinformatics

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